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So, you’ve stumbled upon our website promoting our brand-new NFT collection. First things first, we have to admit something: this collection doesn’t really have any practical use or deeper meaning. It’s basically just a bunch of digital images that you can collect and show off to your friends, like virtual trading cards.

But hey, who needs practicality when you can have bragging rights, am I right? Imagine being able to say „I own the rarest digital image of a rabbit in a fishnet shirt with a pineapple on its head“ – that’s something to write home about!

Now, we know some of you might be thinking, „But what’s the point? Why would I spend money on something that doesn’t do anything?“ Well, we have some exciting news for you. Our NFT collection is priced at only 11.11 MATIC per NFT, which is an incredible price considering the potential worth that these digital assets could hold in the future. Plus, we have exciting plans for our collectors, including merchandise, metaverse-related goodies, and even the possibility of becoming a DAO community member. So, if you’re curious about collecting NFTs, our collection offers a low-risk opportunity to potentially unlock some exciting opportunities in the future.

So, if you’re looking for something completely useless but potentially lucrative in the future, look no further than our NFT collection. Join the hype train while you still can!