The Random Rabbits

We turn digital holder into real world investors.

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We are a collection of 10.000 unique NTF-Rabbits, programmatically generated from 145 different traits and living on the Polygon Blockchain…and we offer real value for every holder:

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We deliberately do not specify time, because there are delays in every project. However, the core of our project is complete transparency. We keep the Random Rabbits holders up to date with the project at all times! We can make the first steps when 25% of our rabbits are sold.


1 Ramp up
We visit the first plantations and enter into negotiations with the farmers.

Establishment of a marketing pool.

Opening of the Random Rabbit Merchandise Store. Revenue goes to the marketing pool.
2 Sustainable Growth
Search and onboarding of an import and distribution partner.

Takeover of the first plantations in Africa and South America.

Holder backend for more information about our projects.
3 Company Building
Distribution of the products in Europe.

Building our own brand (coffee and cacao).

Holder trips to plantations.

Our Fundamentals


Where money is invested and what returns are generated is completely transparent at all times.


We are developing a strict catalog of criteria according to which farmers must manage their plantations. Ecology and bio-diversity are the central guiding principles.


We guarantee the farmers a fixed salary. They can thus devote themselves to what they can and love, free from existential fears.

Anything else?

You’re not just buying a piece of digital crap – in addition to the financial aspects, your rabbit offers you many more benefits.

Flex it, Bunny.

You wanna flex in front of your friends? Go ahead. Your Rabbit will be your digital you in all Social Media Accounts.

It’s really yours!

You have the copyright for your Rabbit. Print it on shirts, write a book about it or make a movie with it as the main character. Your Rabbit, your rights.

Crazy Karma

Do you believe in karma? Whether yes or no, it is always better to be prepared. With your Random Rabbit you enable us to make the world a more fair and sustainable place.

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The sad Story of cocoa and coffee