Using NFT-technology to ensure a fair income for coffee and cocoa farmers worldwide

We use the income from NFT sales to buy coffee and cocoa plantations. We hire the farmers on a permanent basis and pay them a fair wage. 50% of the profits from the sale of the harvest is invested in existing and new plantations, and 50% is distributed among all NFT farmers.


In a nutshell...

We are a collection of 5.000 unique NTF-Rabbits, programmatically generated from 145 different traits and living on the Polygon Blockchain…and we offer real value for every holder:

We buy coffee- and cocoa-plantations in Africa and South America.

We guarantee farmers a fixed, fair income and profit-sharing.

We sell the crop yields to Europe.

50% of the profit goes to the rabbit-holder and to the farmers.

We invest the remaining 50% in existing and new plantations and the marketing pool.

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Whats coming?

Our Roadmap

The world is becoming more unjust every day. many people suffer for the profit of a few. We can’t end all injustice – but we can make a small contribution to a more just world.

Step 1 - Ramp up

This phase is characterized by working on fundamental things of our mission. It starts when 25% of all Random Rabbits are sold.

  • We visit the first plantations and enter into negotiations with the farmers.
  • Establishment of the marketing pool.
  • Opening of the Random Rabbit merchandise store. Revenue goes to the marketing pool.

Step 2 - Sustainable growth

After the first steps, momentum comes into the project. The question is where do we produce and how does the crop get to Europe. An idea becomes reality, when 50% of all Rabbits are sold.

  • Search and onboarding of an import and distribution partner.
  • Takeover of the first plantations in Africa and South America.
  • Holder backend for more information about our projects.

Step 3 - Brand building

Strategic questions are the focus of this phase: How do we market our product? How do we build a strong brand? How can we involve our holder even more?

  • Distribution of the products in Europe.
  • Building our own brand (coffee and cacao).
  • Holder trips to plantations.​
Most important

Our fundamentals

Every company should have them: Values for which the company stands and which serve as guiding principles for its daily actions. These are ours…


Where money is invested and what returns are generated is completely transparent at all times.


We are developing a strict catalog of criteria according to which farmers must manage their plantations. Ecology and bio-diversity are the central guiding principles.


We guarantee the farmers a fixed salary. They can thus devote themselves to what they can and love, free from existential fears.

Flex it, Bunny

You wanna flex in front of your friends? Go ahead. Your Rabbit will be your digital you in all Social Media Accounts.

It's yours

You have the copyright for your Rabbit. Print it on shirts, write a book about it or make a movie with it as the main character. Your Rabbit, your rights.

Karma goes nuts

Do you believe in karma? Whether yes or no, it is always better to be prepared. With your Random Rabbit you enable us to make the world a more fair and sustainable place.
Meet the crew.

The Rabbits

There are 5.000 of us. You can see a few of them here…

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The sad Story of cocoa and coffee